Girls Night Out Soap Box

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Let's party! The spring soap box is here!

Four beautiful handcrafted olive oil soaps in spring shades of peach, orange and pink. All tucked into a gift box with tissue and gift shreds in spring colors.

This spring soap box release includes a fruity lip butter and two butter mints, perfect for your own girls night!

This is a limited edition box that makes an exceptionally beautiful spring gift. And if you are ordering only one, there is a flat rate shipping fee of only $7.00. Bonus!!


BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA  - Blood Orange Margarita smells like a refreshing girly cocktail with juicy blood orange, navel orange, and lime for its top notes, an upscale Cointreau wine and tequila accord for a well rounded middle, with orange peel and sage sprigs as the bottom.  A truly sassy and fun Girl's Night Out cocktail arrangement. 

MANGO LIME MARTINI - Mango Lime Martini is an upscale aroma that starts with top notes of Lancetilla mango, key lime, California lemon, and Italian mandarin, followed by middle notes of juicy orange, fresh garden mint, and warm woods, sitting on dramatic notes of lemon peel, vanilla sugar, and a gin accord.  Let's Go Girls!

PEACH BELLINI - Peach Bellini begins with succulent white peach, valencia orange, and California lemon, followed by middle notes of orange zest, green berganot, and sparkling Procecco; sitting on base notes of apple peel, vanilla, and musk.  Simply Fabulous Darling!  

RIESLING BERRY SLUSH - Riesling Berry Slush is a berry wine slushy scent that begins with top notes of juicy strawberry, ripe peach, and Sicilian bergamot, followed by middle notes of black currant, orange zests, and a semi-sweet riesling accord; finishes with base notes of rose buds, apple peel, and transparent musk. Slushy Fun!  

THE EXPERIENCE: Come on! Loosen up a little and have some fun. You know you need it! These cocktail inspired soaps will help you to do just that. Send these beautiful spring soap boxes to all of your girlfriends so you can all party together!

*each soap weighs 4 ounces

Ingredients: olive oil, water/goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye - used for the process but no longer exists in finished soap), phthalate free fragrance or essential oils, mica or oxide colorants.

PSS soap is superfatted.  This means there is excess oil stirred into the soap which cannot be converted into soap.  This produces an extra mild, gentle and moisturizing soap.

(paraben-free, phthalate-free, detergent-free, cruelty-free, palm-free)



IF ONLY ORDERING ONE SOAP BOX, SHIPPING IS A FLAT RATE OF $7.00. When combined with other items we pass on the commercial shipping rate that we are charged.

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