A dear friend sent me a handmade card recently.  Anything that is handmade is just a little more special because somebody spent some of their personal and valuable time creating it.  Something handcrafted says, "You are important to me."  I especially appreciated the card she sent because it has to do with my craft - soap making.  The quote on the card is attributed to Picasso, and I have seen it before, worded in slightly different ways.  It says, "The art of making soap washes from the soul the dust of every day life.  Picasso"  I am a little thrilled every time I read that quote because for one thing, it connects me with Picasso.  And did he really make soap and find it a creative art?  It is cool to consider that possibility.  Because that is the way I see soap making also.  I spent years getting the chemistry part of it to what I feel  is the perfect bar of soap.  And now I am able to spend a lot of time with the creative art aspect of soap making.  And there is no end to the possibilities.  So I hope you will consider each and every bar of handmade soap that you purchase from PSS - to be a little something that says you are valuable and worth this soap artists time.  Each bar is a piece of fine art!!  Enjoy!


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We love your soap ! Is lovely to look at, sweet to smell and is soft to the skin..It makes wonderful gifts for my friends that require that special gift.
Thanks for your hard work!

Nancy Mills

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