How long does a bar of your soap last?
A bar of PSS soap will last one person approximately 3 to 4 weeks.  Our handmade soap does not have chemical hardeners and is made without detergent, which produces a slightly softer bar than the store bought mass-produced soaps. The trade off is worth it!  You will have softer healthier skin without the itchy dryness. Please keep your handmade soap up and out of standing water.  It is best to keep it in a draining soap dish.

How should I store my unused soaps?
Please store your soap in a cool dry location outside of your bathroom.  Bathrooms are often humid because of shower use.  This lessens the life of the soap.  A closet or linen pantry is a great place to store handmade soap.

Why does handmade soap cost more than store bought soap?
Most handcrafted soaps are priced at about $7.00 and above now.  PSS is still at a reasonable and competitive price.  Keep in mind that PSS soap is an artistic endeavor.  It is produced by one person and poured into small molds.  Then every bar is cut and trimmed by hand and then stamped by hand.  So you are paying for a small piece of high quality art that has required a lot of the artist's time.

Does your soap lather good?
Yes it does, thanks to the addition of a bit of coconut oil.  PSS soap is mostly olive oil but coconut oil is added to the recipe to produce those luscious lathering bubbles that everyone loves.  I am proud to say that PSS produces soap that lathers beautifully and naturally, without the addition of lathering agents.

Does your soap contain animal fats?
No it doesn't.  I have found that most of my customers prefer a bar of soap that is made without the addition of animal fat.  Most commercially produced soaps contain tallow, lard or other animal fats.

Will your soap dry out my skin?
PSS customers love the fact that their skin feels wonderful after using our soap.  It is made with a high percentage of olive oil, which produces a highly moisturizing and mild bar of soap without detergents or preservatives that dry out your skin.  An additional bonus is that handmade soap is not milled.  Commercial soaps are milled, which separates out the naturally occurring glycerin.  The glycerin is then sold to the large lotion companies who use it in their lotions.  Handmade soap retains it's moisturizing natural glycerin.

What is in your soaps?
PSS soap is made of saponified 100% food grade olive and coconut oils, water, essential oils or cosmetic grade fragrance oil and colorant.  Please look at the ingredients for each specific soap to see the exact list of ingredients.  All essential oil soaps have the addition of goat's milk.  Some soaps have additives such as clays, seeds, loofah, pumice, coffee and other great natural ingredients.

Are your soaps tested on animals?
No never!

Are your soaps vegan?
The soaps that are scented with essential oils also contain goat's milk.  All other soaps are vegan.  Please read the ingredients listed at the bottom of each soap page to make sure it fits your needs.

What is your shipping policy?
PSS uses either UPS or USPS, depending on which will cost you the least amount of money.  Additional charges will be added if you select express delivery. We do not ship internationally.  We ship Monday through Friday.  Give us at least two business days to get your order into the mail.  During holiday seasons we require a three day window to get your order on it's way.  However, we hope to get it shipped out sooner.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes.  You must be an official registered business for 1 or more years.  You will also need to provide a Tax ID Form.  Just send an email to psagesoap@gmail.com requesting a wholesale packet.  It's filled with answers to all of your questions, PSS minimum requirements and several samples of soap. Alternatively you can mail us at Prairie Sage Soap, PO Box 294, Pocatello ID, 83204.

What is your privacy policy?
Your information is never given or sold to a third party. When you sign up for an email that data is used only to keep in touch with you. You may remove yourself from our emails at any time.

What is your return policy?
Due to the personal nature of our products we do not accept returns.  Please contact us with any concerns and we will do our best to resolve them.


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