Thanks so much for visiting Prairie Sage Soap. My name is Trisha and I would like to tell you my story. At Prairie Sage Soap each small batch of soap that is made is as unique as a piece of artwork. Soap is a very creative medium for an artist. In art you can purchase only one original. No one else can own it, and it won't ever be duplicated. The same can be said for PSS handmade olive oil soaps. It takes as much time to design the look of each batch of soap and to make careful notes as it does to make it.

our process

PSS soap is hand-stirred in a small soap pot and then poured into a small block mold that yields several unique pieces of soap at once. No two bars in any one batch look the same. Every batch, and every bar in it, is a limited edition piece of soap art. So once a batch is gone, it can't be duplicated. You might visit the PSS website and find the same scent again, but it will look a little different each time, and in some cases it will look a lot different! You can buy knowing that when you open up your box, you are getting a unique experience.

our story

1999 was a very good year. I was on vacation with my husband and my two young sons. At an herb farm in San Diego there was a little soap shop which sold kits that taught how to make a basic brick of soap. It seemed to me that soap making would be a peaceful process and would lend itself well to my creative side. I bought the kit and that was the beginning. It has been a fun hobby/business for many years.

But as life often does, I was thrown a curve ball in 2008. I lost my husband of 31 years very suddenly, to Leukemia. The economy crashed at the same time so consequently I lost my home and most everything I owned. My two sons and I started over again. So the little soap business is no longer just a hobby, but a necessity to make a living. Little did I know that the small vacation purchase would eventually have to lead to my living!

story update!

My two little boys did what little boys do. They turned into grown men. Now it's just me and my little business. I've grown it slowly and organically. It has helped me in so many ways - financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. I am very thankful for everything that PSS has given me. And I'm so very thankful for my customers!

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why they love praire sage...

I got your sample box and now am on love with your soaps! But now choosing a scent is even harder because they all smell so good!

Nancy M.

Beautiful smelling soaps that lather well and leave behind soft skin

Angie N.

My order came lightning fast! Each and every scent smelled SO good! The bars lather up very nicely, and leave you with a definite clean feeling. I totally recommend.

Heidi C.

Love the soaps..even my husband is impressed! Like the natural ingredients that you use as well..

Karen M.

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