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Salt and Soap

Apr 16 2013 0 Comments

 Have you ever heard of or tried Salt Soap?  We are very proud of our Salt Bars here at PSS!  They have been wildly popular!  Salt bars are made with equal parts coconut oil and salt.  And that's about it!  Simplicity at it's best.  When I attend craft shows and festivals I talk to so many people who are now using coconut oil as a moisturizer for their skin.  Coconut oil is getting high acclaim these days.  When I make soap made of 100% coconut oil I mix in an equal amount of salt for a rock hard bar that...

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Orangutans and soap?

Apr 08 2013 0 Comments

There is much debate in my little soap maker's world about the Orangutans.  What do they have to do with soap making?  Most soap is made with a generous amount of palm oil.  And palm oil is being harvested at alarming rates to feed the cosmetic and soap making industry.  The palm oil is harvested from forests and loss of forest means loss of homes for the the Orangutan population.  Many of us are choosing to discontinue the use of palm oil.  And some of us are purchasing our palm oil from sustainable sources.  And that is an option that...

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How did you get into making soap?

Mar 25 2013 1 Comment

 It does seem like an unusual living doesn't it?  I sure didn't plan on going down this road.  But life takes some strange and interesting turns at times and sometimes we come across something that speaks to us.  Thirteen years ago, it was an actual road trip that lead me into soap making.  We were outside of San Diego at a campground when I found a flyer advertising an herb farm complete with a gift shop and a coffee shop and a soap shop.  Really?  Who in their right mind would pass that up?  It sounded like a little bit...

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Does your soap have lye in it?

Mar 18 2013 0 Comments

 Have you heard anyone call bar soap, lye soap?  Or have you heard someone talk about "grandma's lye soap"?  And have you ever wondered if your soap actually has lye in it?  I am happy to tell you that Prairie Sage Soap Company only provides you soap that has no lye in it!  But was it made with lye?  Yes it was.  And therein lyes (sorry, couldn't help myself) one major difference between a good soap and a bad soap.....if there is still lye remaining in the finished soap.  The bottom line is that you cannot make soap without lye....

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New Blog Series - The Questions You Ask Most

Mar 11 2013 0 Comments

 Today I was thinking that it is a daunting task to create a blog post that will actually interest people.  I don't feel real comfortable writing about myself or my life because I am fairly certain that there are people out there that are much more interesting than I.  So after some consideration, I have decided to write a short series of articles that answer the questions that my customers ask most.  After many years of attending the Farmer's Market and a whole lot of craft shows, I have become accustomed to hearing the same questions over and over again....

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Aug 28 2012 1 Comment

 A dear friend sent me a handmade card recently.  Anything that is handmade is just a little more special because somebody spent some of their personal and valuable time creating it.  Something handcrafted says, "You are important to me."  I especially appreciated the card she sent because it has to do with my craft - soap making.  The quote on the card is attributed to Picasso, and I have seen it before, worded in slightly different ways.  It says, "The art of making soap washes from the soul the dust of every day life.  Picasso"  I am a little thrilled...

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