Salt and Soap

 Have you ever heard of or tried Salt Soap?  We are very proud of our Salt Bars here at PSS!  They have been wildly popular!  Salt bars are made with equal parts coconut oil and salt.  And that's about it!  Simplicity at it's best.  When I attend craft shows and festivals I talk to so many people who are now using coconut oil as a moisturizer for their skin.  Coconut oil is getting high acclaim these days.  When I make soap made of 100% coconut oil I mix in an equal amount of salt for a rock hard bar that lasts a long time.  And the cool thing is the lather!  It's different - more like a creamy lotion consistency.  The salt adds a gentle scrub to your bath, almost like a mild massage - nothing scratchy or irritating.  PSS salt bars have natural ingredients for color, for example clays or dried flowers.  And they are scented with essential oils.  We even use goat milk.  They are completely natural.  These bars are the bomb!!


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