Customer Feedback is Good...I Think

Making handmade soap is a very interesting process.  But what's even more interesting is selling it - person to person - at big craft/art shows.  Oh if you could hear the feedback!  Don't get me wrong.  Customer feedback is great!  I love hearing what my peeps have to say and it helps me to develop the soaps that the majority of folks want and need.  Some of the feedback makes me laugh heartily because there are characters out there!  And especially at the outdoor festivals where the beer is flowing and the band is playing and it's a hot summer evening and everyone is having fun.  There is one word that is quite frequently used, that you really wouldn't expect to hear in reference to soap. It's sh..t!  Yep, you read that correctly.  "That is the best sh..t!"  "I love this sh..t!"  "Honey, come here and smell this sh..t!"  "We gotta buy some of this sh..t!"  Now tell me - would you really want a sh..t soap?  I didn't think so.  But I have to say that I do love that feedback!  No, I won't use that word in my logo or my tag line.  And heaven forbid that I would use that ingredient in my soap.  But I really do consider it to be some of the best customer feedback there is.  It's a supreme compliment, especially when it's heard at the end of a hot twelve hour day on my feet.  Thank goodness for the characters!  Thank goodness for all of you that like my sh..t!

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