How a Handmade Bar of Soap Can Evoke All Five Senses

How a Handmade Bar of Soap Can Evoke All Five Senses

A good bath can be a balm and a much-needed respite from everyday life. Handmade soap can elevate your bath to the next level.

When you choose a handmade soap that is crafted with care, you are choosing a bar of soap that is sure to bring all of your senses alive. As you rinse the soap from your skin, a handmade soap is more likely to rinse away clean, not leaving an unwelcome film like commercial soaps can. A smooth and creamy bar of soap will caress your body as you clean your skin gently, soothe your senses, and wash away the worries of the day. 


The smell is one of the best things about the scented handmade soaps. They will transport you to a different time and place. A scent can evoke a strong, emotional reaction that can make you feel relaxed or energized. For those who prefer their soap simpler, PSS provides unscented varieties, too.


 With quality, handmade soap, you can finish your bathing experience

knowing that you are not only relaxed and pampered, but that you are also as clean as you can be. These soaps can gently clean and moisturize your skin, and are a good choice for people who are concerned about stripping their body of natural oils. 



What will you hear? A sigh of relaxation. If the house is noisy, it can be nice to listen to music that helps you let go. 


A brand new soap bar is always a pleasant sight. When bath time is over, seeing your soap will bring to mind all of the soothing showers and/or relaxing baths to come. 


Soap is obviously not something that you want to taste! They look so good, however, that you might be tempted. Some people like a nice glass of wine in the bathtub or even a hot beverage. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to taste all the better in your relaxed state. 

If you are looking for handmade soap, made with care, you have come to the right place. At Prairie Sage Soap Company, you will find a wide variety of scented and unscented soaps made with olive oil. They are made in small batches, and by one person.

Get in touch for more information about handmade soap or about the business. PSS is looking forward to helping you on your journey through the senses. 

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