How Does Soap Actually Work?

Washing our hands is important, but how does soap actually work?
Handmade soap is the master of cleaning. There’s a reason it’s been trusted for generations. Since COVID-19 hit, everyone’s been talking about hand sanitizer, but even the
CDC still states nothing beats good old real soap for its cleansing qualities. But how does soap work? How does it clean you and help you escape to a state of relaxation? Let’s take a look.

How Handmade Soap Cleans

Pro Tip: When picking out a soap, make sure you buy a product that doesn’t strip away natural moisturizing oils that you need. Aggressive soaps can leave your skin, dry and irritated. 

Every day, germs stick to our skin in natural oil build-ups all over our bodies. Water alone is ineffective at cleaning these germs because water and oil don’t mix. That’s where soap comes in. Soap loves water and oil. It’s made up of molecules that bind to both oil and water. So when you wash your skin with soap, it takes the oil and germs away with it - leaving you clean both from oil, dirt and potentially deadly viruses. 

How Soap Beats the CoronaVirus

When it comes to deadly germs such as the coronavirus, the soap dissolves the fatty membrane, so the virus “falls apart like a house of cards and dies.” Once the virus has been broken apart, it gets washed down the drain. Even if the soap fails to destroy the virus, you’re still guaranteed to be removing them from your hands.

Despite the mad hand sanitizer stockpiling, the CDC is stating that soap and water is still the best way to clean away COVID-19 germs. You need good old, real soap!

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and gels do a similar thing but aren’t as effective as real handmade soap. Plus, they lack the other unique benefits of handmade soap, which brings us to... 

How Handmade Soap Helps You Relax and Escape

With all the talk of cleaning and germs, we can’t forget the unique calming power of a fresh scent. Whether it’s lavender, mint or fruit, the scent takes you away from everyday life for a while to a place of safe serenity. 

Handmade soaps like ours are made of ingredients that remove irritating dirt and debris, which truly relaxes your skin. They’re also fantastic at soothing, moisturizing and exfoliating. Essential oils in the soaps can also give sensations such as warming or cooling and more.

Pro Tip: When picking out a relaxing soap, consider a ‘superfatted’ soap! These soaps will use excess oil, providing you with an extra mild and gentle experience. 

As a soap artisan, I’ve heard countless stories from customers about how our handmade soaps help them escape. Life takes its toll on all of us, but a relaxing handmade soap can help your mind relax, which has a knock-on effect on your body, muscles and skin.

Order Relaxing Handmade Soap Online

We’re still delivering across the U.S despite the ongoing Coronavirus events. We’re stocked with a range of different unique and relaxing soaps that will clean your hands of virus germs - while protecting and nourishing your skin!   

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