Please send an e-mail to psagesoap@gmail.com for a detailed wholesale info packet. Below is some general information.

RETAILER OBLIGATIONS: Information to send to PSS BEFORE ordering:
Contact Name
Business Name
Shipping address
Phone Number
Copy of ST-101 Form from Idaho State Tax Commission
(Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate)

We are sure that you will enjoy having handmade soap in your retail establishment.  Handmade olive oil soap feels so comforting to the skin and the artisan look and specialty scents are enticing to your customers.  The beautiful colors and  scents pull them right over to your display and they are captivated.  They have to try some!  Once they try it, they will never go back to mass-produced soaps again.  You are assured of repeat business!

Your wholesale soap is custom made, fresh, when you order it.  We are a small business, so we don't stockpile soap and really wouldn't want to anyway.  And that is a great thing!  Because you will be guaranteed to receive a fresh soap that smells divine!  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your wholesale order to be made, cured and sent to your door.  Upon receiving your order, please display and/or store your soap in a cool dry area.

We would love to take your wholesale order!