What Does Olive Oil Soap Do For Your Skin?

What Does Olive Oil Soap Do For Your Skin?

The Benefits of Buying Homemade Olive Oil Soap

The ingredients in soap determine how well it will treat your skin. There are some major differences between handmade soap and mass-produced factory soap. Here are some of my favorites, using hand-crafted olive oil soap as an example. Olive oil is good for your skin for a variety of very good reasons. 

  1. Olive oil helps your skin stay smooth and soft because of its natural ability to retain moisture. This key factor keeps your skin well hydrated as opposed to mass-produced soaps that tend to dry out your hands. Soft hands and skin are a wonderful benefit of choosing a soap made with olive oil and you’ll appreciate the results quickly.
  2. Olive oil is plant-based, which means that the “fat” used to make the soap
    does not come from animals. So, when using soap with a base of olive oil, you can feel confident that your purchase is more likely to be suitable for vegans and that the chances are good that no living creature was harmed to create the product.
  1. Soap made with olive oil is more likely to be safe for everyone in your family. In most cases, even a new baby’s skin can use an olive oil soap and stay just as soft as it should. It can also be a good solution for people who have sensitive skin and deal with skincare issues. 
  2. Olive oil soap is naturally full of antioxidants, unlike many commercial products that have to add them. These helpful antioxidants help keep your skin looking and feeling its very best. Olive oil soap keeps your skin smooth and supple as opposed to dry and cracked, so it can be a true blessing, especially if you live in a dry climate area.
  3. Olive oil is a natural bacteria repellent, which is exactly what you are looking for when you choose a soap for you and your family. Not to mention, it is full of vitamins that work to improve the look and feel of your skin.
  4. My olive oil soap is handmade. This means that every single bar of soap that I create is handled with care and lovingly produced with your skin in mind. This is yet another thing you cannot get with a mass-produced soap company, no matter how good its logo is!
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