Ways to Add Color When Decorating Your Bathroom

Ways to Add Color When Decorating Your Bathroom

From Shower Curtains to Handmade Soaps

Most bathrooms are relatively small spaces. They are spaces that can easily feel confined and cluttered, simply because of a lack of square feet. However, there are ways that you can brighten up your bathroom quickly and easily, and without spending a lot of money.

One of the best things that you can do is to let in light. You can use blinds in the bathroom to great effect here, because when they are closed, they provide privacy, but also allow some natural light to filter through, too. If you use a brightly colored valance, as opposed to a dark curtain, you get a splash of color and light that can brighten up the area. 

White is a smart choice if you want to brighten things up. Yes, white can get dirty, but you can also use bleach when washing, which will keep them a brilliant white. Having white in your bathroom, at least as a base, will help your bathroom to seem more spacious, light, and airy. 

Brightening your bathroom doesn’t need to involve pots of paint or re-tiling surfaces. Bright or light colored items, such as a shower curtain, bathmats, or hand towels, provide quick opportunities to add color to your bathroom.

Choose your accessories with care. Don’t risk cluttering your bathroom in your attempt to add color. Less is more. Many of your bathroom supplies can be stored out of sight. 

The bathroom can be a venue for artwork that offers a nice pop of color. A strategically placed painting or print can take your decoration to the next level, but be aware that humidity may not be good for the longevity of your art.

You can choose a colorful trash can to put in the corner or a pretty soap dispenser to replace the one from the grocery store. An alternative to a soap dispenser would be to set a pretty dish on your sink and fill it with some beautifully crafted soaps. Soaps are meant to be used, not just looked at, but they can be beautiful objects with vibrant colors nonetheless. 


Try something such as my Kentish Rain Soap or my Pompeii Soap, both of which can add a tasteful splash of color to your bathroom. For a good variety, consider trying my Prairie Sage Sample Box, which offers you a selection of our ten most popular scents so you can discover your favorite smell and your favorite look.

Have fun with your bathroom and enjoy seeing how many ways you can find to add a little color to your space.

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