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Wintergreen Menthol Shower Steamers

Wintergreen Menthol Shower Steamers


RELAX AND BREATHE EASY! These wintergreen menthol steamers are so cute!! They contain wintergreen essential oils and menthol crystals for a refreshing aromatherapy treatment! Shower steamers are so popular right now, that it's hard to keep up with production. These little guys are the ticket if you are feeling a bit stuffed up.

Made with menthol crystals and scented with wintergreen essential oils - sure to refresh! As it slowly dissolves, the menthol will drift up into the steam and as you inhale, you can't help but breathe easier.  These are also a great refresher after a long hard day at work!  They are designed for one shower but some people get two or three showers out of them.

The Scent

wintergreen essential oil and menthol crystals
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Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, witch hazel, essential oils, menthol crystals


DIRECTIONS: Place at back of shower on suction cup soap holder or shallow lid lined with wax paper. Wet lightly to activate and release aromatherapy. Adjust concentration by moving it closer/further away or by adding less/more water. Net Wt. 1.5 oz. (67 g) FOR SHOWER USE ONLY - NOT FOR BATHS Wrapped in red tin foil for decorative purposes.
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Customer Reviews

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Shower Steamers

I absolutely love these shower Steamers! They're so long lasting and helped me get over my stuffy nose!! These are well worth the price of them!

Thank you Heather! They do pack a punch. Thank you for your comment.

Teresa G.
:heart:️ mentholated steamers

I absolutely love the mentholated shower steamers!!! They are wonderful for relieving sinus congestion...I will keep these on hand!!!
Also love to pamper myself with a long hot shower using a steamer and PSS soap!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Thank you Teresa! I appreciate the nice review. And so glad you like the shower steamers!

  • Cruelty

  • Paraben

  • Phthalate

  • Olive Oil

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