Grab Bag Soaps

Grab Bag Soaps
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  • $7.50
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You wouldn't think that so many things can go wrong with a bar of soap!  Sometimes these little guys, for no apparent reason, decide to take a nose dive off of the drying rack and end up with a dented corner.  Or in the case of Sea Salt bars - they can break completely in half. Or we aren't paying attention when we are stamping and we accidentally stamp them upside down.  I have been known to pair up some color combinations that can only be described as disastrous!  Now and then I try out a new scent that just missed the mark or maybe it is what we soap makers call "a fader" - it just fades away quickly.  Whatever the reason, I don't feel right about asking full price for these bars.  It's a win for you!!!  These are still great bars of handmade soap that will treat your skin right, no matter how they look or smell!  And the price is right too!  So if you are a bargain hunter and you don't need a perfect bar of soap, then these are the soaps for you.  You get what you get - a great bar of handmade soap that pampers your skin no matter how it looks!!  Load up while they last!  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU MAY GET MORE THAN ONE OF ONE SCENT AND YOU MAY RECEIVE A GLYCERIN SOAP.



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