Rare Earth

Rare Earth Handmade Soap
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A customer requested a log of soap in a warm earthy scent and this was designed just for him.  A haunting mix of Sandalwood, Amber, Oak and a touch of honey.  It is a beautiful combination.  Warm earth colors were used for the design and he was very happy with the look and the smell.  I think you will like it as well!

*color and design may vary slightly from batch to batch

Weight: 4 ounces

Ingredients: olive oil, water/goat milk, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye - used in the process but no longer exists in the finished soap), fragrance, colorant (mica & oxide)

PSS soap is superfatted.  This means there is excess oil stirred into the soap whcih cannot be converted into soap.  This produces an extra mild, gentle and moisturizing bar.

paraben-free, phthalate-free, detergent-free, cruelty-free



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